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Why Fandoms mean more to me, now more than ever

As children, we are encouraged to dream. Children's literature is brimming with tales of far off lands, dragons to be defeated, trials to be endured, friendships to be cherished and concepts so fantastical that one may be tempted to contemplate which drugs the authors were on when they came up with places like Narnia, Oz and the like.

And then, sometime around our 16th birthdays, we are told, most unceremoniously I might add, to "grow up". Abandon the fantasy. Start a 401K.

As a life long addict of the tales of Luke Skywalker, Captain Kirk, Bilbo Baggins and Storm, I never grew up in the way that was expected of me. Sure, I started a career, got married, had children and started a myriad assortment of projects that would ensure that I could be seen as a responsible adult in the eyes of others, but I never, not for one minute, stopped dreaming.

Why do we encourage children to dream big, beyond themselves and their circumstances, and as soon as they come of age, dash their hopes and force them to adhere to a dark, somewhat dystopian view of their lives. What is wrong with us???

Some of the most productive, respected adults in this world were dreamers and fantasists. Steve Jobs dreamt of a hand held computer that allowed access to a wealth of information at everyone's fingertips. Jim Henson took some socks and told us that we were all on a quest to find the Rainbow Connection. George Lucas took us back to our childhoods to explore a galaxy...well, you know the rest. These dreamers have touched us all in some way, either directly or peripherally, and connected us to the themes and stories that shaped who we are today. When did we forget that?

Well, I am thankful that I am not alone. The past 20 years in the world of geek have proved that these notions, these fantasies, are very very real to millions of people around the world. The capacity to dream, open ones eyes to the possibilities is one of the greatest assets we have. They make us more empathetic, smarter, kinder, braver, and more willing to continue to explore the very depths of the human soul. They have made us the dominant species on this planet. They have propelled us out of our stratosphere. They have pushed us to fight for equality for all. They have made us something to be proud of.

The geeks that Kelly and I chose for 2020 may not be the geekiest. They reflected a need to laugh, to create and to discover. Watching my children play all day long during this lockdown has reminded me that most children do those three things better than any adult. And I for one intend on taking that lesson into 2021 with me.

Keep dreaming, keep laughing, keep creating and keep discovering what makes the human race tick fellow steepers. Happy New Year to you and yours from us here at Geek Steep.

Top Fandoms of 2020:



Teas drunk during the episode:

Kelly: A Quarter to Tea Oh Christmas Tree

Marika: The Tea Practitioner Hojicha Powder

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