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Runaways: The Tea Collection!


Sometimes our weekly blog post pulls from the deeply rooted personal connections we have to the ‘Geek of the Week’ or touches on the larger real world impact a fandom has had – and there are definitely threads in either of those camps that could be pulled upon with this week’s fandom – The Runaways.

But sometimes the blog post is just two people nerding out about their fictitious “dream collection” inspired by the characters of this week’s fandom – Adagio Style. That’s what this week is.

Alex Wilder – “The Strategist”

What better a blend for highly charasmatic and strategic leader of this ensemble than a classic and full bodied blend inspired by the Southern Sweet Tea your Auntie used to make!? We start with a bold and full bodied Kenyan black tea & add fresh lemon and wholesome “All American” apple. The twist? This apple has a surprisingly sour side to it! Make it by the pitcherful & take it to your next cookout – that is, if you don’t sacrifice the neighborhood to the Gibborm first!

Ingredients: Kenyan CTC, Lemon peel, Acidified apple, Natural lemon and green apple flavouring.

Karolina Dean – “Lucy In The Sky”

This fresh and juicy herbal blend of strawberries & all natural vegan cream flavouring perfectly embodies this down to Earth and cheerful ‘Girl (well, Majesdanian) next door’. We’ve accented it with an explosion of colourful and ethereal flower petals to match both her dazzling phyiscal appearance and honor her Pride as a proudly LGBTQ+ Alien.

Ingredients: Strawberry pieces, Vanilla bean, Natural strawberry and cream flavouring, Pink cornflower petals, Blue cornflower petals, Safflower petals, Calendula petals, Marigold petals.

Gertrude Yorkes – “Arsenic & Old Lace”

You don’t need a telepathic link with a dinosaur to realize that this simple blend of camphourous, earthy & grounded Menghai Shou pu’erh accented with just a hint of parma violet is a perfect representation of this violet haired social justice advocate and her paleolithic partner in crime. You may need to push through a few rough first steeps, but underneath that tough exterior you’re find a soft steep waiting for you. Made using only the finest ethically sourced, Fair Trade, kosher, vegan, and organic ingredients.

Ingredients: Menghai shou pu’erh, Violet petals, Parma Violet essential oil.

Nico Minoru – “Sister Grimm”

This dark and haunting blend is the perfect representation of Nico’s Gothic persona and inner battle to find balance between the darkness she draws power from and the light that motivates her! Made with Lapsang Souchong, dark but sweet Bordeaux cherries, and accents of light cherry blossom petals to honor her Japanse heritage and the light within the darkness. Caution: Be careful not to steep too long or, like the darkness within, the smoke will overshadow everything else.

Ingredients: Lapsang Souchong, Whole black cherries, Persimmon pieces, Cherry blossom petals, Natural cherry flavouring.

Chase Stein – “Talkback”

Okay, let’s be real here – Chase would not be a tea drinker, and he wouldn’t give a fuck what you thought about it. However, an overly sweetened instant iced tea powder that could be hastily made to drink on the way to football practice is maayyybbeee the closest we’re gonna get here – and thus our proposal is a Nestea and Marvel collaboration we’re dubbing “Nestea: Talkback”. Quick, dirty, and straight to the point.

Ingredients: Cane sugar, Powdered Black Tea, Artificial Lemon Flavouring.

Molly Hayse – “Princess Powerful”

What eleven year old wouldn’t love a bubblegum and cotton candy flavoured tea blend! Accented with shimmery pink Unicorn sprinkles and edible pink glitter, this high caffeine yerba mate blend packs the stimulating caffeine punch this super powered mutant needs to make it through the day – whether that means stopping the end of the world or just dealing with the stresses of being a teenager. It even steeps bright pink!

Ingredients: Hibiscus, Yerba Mate, Guayusa, Pink unicorn sprinkles, Artificial bubblegum and cotton candy flavouring, Caffeine extract, Edible pink glitter, Stevia.

Geek Steeped:

Teas drunk while recording:

Kelly: Calabash Tea & Tonic Genmaicha

Marika: Retro Tea Leaf Blue Shadow

Teas drunk while geeking: :

Kelly: David's Tea Grapefully Yours

Marika: David's Tea Headache Halo & Geek + Tea Honey Bee

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