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Geek Steep begins!

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

A few weeks ago, Marika had an idea. She had always wondered why people who obsessively love tea also love various fandoms. In order to explore the overlapping love of these two worlds, she enlisted the help of her friend Kelly, a fellow tea lover and geek.

Hoping to find the answer to this question, these two friends intend on diving deep into new and old fandoms, all whilst drinking tea, to discover what makes a fandom more popular than others, which are best for repeat viewing and maybe discover new ones along the way.

Recording a podcast is not easy, especially for two people who have never attempted anything like it in the past. Aside from the obvious travails of figuring the actual recording process and the nervousness associated with trying something new, we are hoping that the fun we have had in the past talking about tea and geeks will translate well into this new format.

Follow us every week as we try to determine whether a finely aged Pu er brings out the best in Star Trek, if Buffy the Vampire Slayer pairs well with Lemon Ginger or if Doctor Who is more of an ice tea fandom or hot!

Stay tuned, the adventures of Geek Steep are coming to a podcast platform near you!

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