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Birds of Prey: the Necessity of Empty Calories

I’m gonna start with a tangent, something I know you will permit dear reader. Not only because you have little choice in the matter, but because I feel that this blog post, regarding Birds of Prey, would begin most fittingly with one. A cacophonous entry into the comic book movie genre, Birds of Prey starts, develops and ends quite on its own terms, and I intend to do the same here.

So… The success of Star Wars (see, I told you it was a tangent, wasn’t kidding), has as much to do with the story, one rooted in ancient myth and legend, but also with the time at which it was released. Think back to early to mid 1970’s : the Vietnam war had no end in sight, Nixon had betrayed the trust of a nation, and every other movie that came out was an art house contender for who could depress you more. Star Wars was a breath of fresh air, one the public widely embraced.

Things today are somewhat similar : I don’t know how many wars are raging right now exactly, but they all feel endless, Trunp hasn’t betrayed anyone’s trust because he never had it in the first place and movies… well, for now, light hearted blockbusters are a thing of the past as Covid-19 has all but done away with the movie going experience.

What I am getting to (and I promise I am getting to it), is that Birds of Prey may not be the movie we asked for, but it may in fact be the movie that we need. Flashing lights, a grit tinged with humour and all the gravitas of a bag of Cheeto’s.

As I remarked in the latest episode of Geek Steep, I do not recommend watching this movie while hungry or on a diet. The constant barrage of high calorie, no nutritious food on display would tempt the most ardent of Keto die hards. I find it to be a perfect symbol of what the movie as whole is at its heart : naughty fun to be taken with a pinch of salt. And I don’t know about you, but the harsh realities of 2020 is something I definitely need a break from.

Is Birds of Prey perfect? No. It doesn’t have to be. It is however, in my humble opinion, something in which we are collectively in dire need of : a mother fucking break.

So grab a tea cocktail and drink. If it feels like the end of the world, let’s go out with a bang worthy of Harley Quinn.

Geek Steeped:

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Teas drunk while recording:

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Teas drunk while geeking: :

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Marika: Bird and Blend Red Velvet Cake

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