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V For Vendetta: I don't want to get political.

Politics can be very discouraging, especially these days. Between the ideological divides that seem larger than ever, the never ending news cycle and the general dumbing down of political discourse...look, I don't want to talk about it anymore.

It therefore leaves very little meat on the bone for me to delve into this week, as our geek has transcended the world of comics and the silver screen, into our very real world politics. The Guy Fawkes mask popularized by this comic is now worn by anarchist groups around the world, a clear symbol of "I'm not gonna take it anymore" politics. As I mentioned in our episode this week, this geek is bigger than any of us at this point.

I find it interesting though that of all the themes explored in the graphic novel (and the many questions it raises) I am left wondering one thing: was it worth it?

Not my reading of the comic (which I highly recommend) but that of the main characters journey. Spoiler alert, he gets his revenge. He becomes a hero to the people. He becomes a symbol more than he becomes a man. He becomes an idea. He becomes stronger in his victory than his enemies ever were in theirs. He wins. But I can't help but feel empty as he takes his final breath. All I was left with was the great sense of loss. The immensity of waste. Waste of talent, empathy, human life, all of it. It just seemed so pointless, even in victory.

Maybe I am an idealist. Maybe I am naive. But...nobody wins when so much is lost. Nobody can claim victory over ashes. Never seeing another sunrise does not give you the moral high ground. Waste is pointless and bereft of meaning.

So let's not get bogged down by politics, and let us not be divided by it, most certainly in these insane times. Let's learn from V. "Remember remember the 5th of November..." so that we never, ever have to resort to such violence ever again.

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