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Homestuck (Web Comic)

When I first started reading Homestuck, I was confused. I didn’t understand where in the world wide web I had found myself. The format, small, minimally draw animated vignettes was unlike anything I had read in the past, and I was unsure how this was a comic.

You see, I was born in 1982. Comics had been, for me, relegated to the small neighbourhood comic book shops of my youth. And young adulthood. And adulthood.

I love comics. I grew reading X Men, Batman, Tintin, Asterix, Lucky Luke and Silver Surfer. The smell of a comic book shop (it seems that no matter where you find yourself on this planet of ours, they all smell the same: slightly musty and full of adventure!!) seemed intrinsic to the experience of far-away worlds, alternate universes, superheroes and adventures beyond imagination. Reading a comic that had been digitized had always lacked the smell of the shop, the feel of a new, pristine comic between one’s fingers and the thrill of new issues freshly delivered. The magic of the shop was absent and lessened my experience. I tried a few and gave up almost immediately. Comics online were not my groove.

But…I trust Kelly. I really do. We may not have the same taste in fandoms or tea, but her pallet is inarguably refined, informed and open to everything. So, when she suggested we read Homestuck, I immediately agreed, keeping my long-standing disdain of digitized comics to myself.

Moral of the story: trust your friends.

Homestuck is completely out of its mind. A rambling, entertaining story that utilizes its chosen medium to perfectly convey a new experience. Having read it, I still feel inept in my abilities to describe what it is, so therefore, you only have your trust in us when we say it’s a good steep.

I cannot wait to delve deeper into this world, especially now knowing the awesome and massive following it has. I feel as though I have learned a secret handshake of sorts, and cannot wait to meet the weird and wonderful devotees of this fandom.

Pairing this to a tea should be a lot of fun should you try it yourself. I would recommend reading at least 20-30 panels before settling on your choice, just so you can get an idea of the tone, and what aspects of the comic you would like to enhance through your beverage. Pick out of few teas as the tone in this comic can sometimes change on a dime, and a few options may aid in making new brews with every act.

So grab yourself a cup of tea and read on my fellow Geek Steepers. This is a fun one!

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Issues read:

Act 1 & Act 5

Teas drunk while geeking:

Marika- The Tao of Tea Chamomile Lavender

Kelly- Bitter Leaf Teas 8 Ball 2020 Banpen Raw Pu Erh

Teas drunk while recording:

Marika- Mandala Tea Ginseng Oolong

Kelly- Hella Tea Tea Short

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