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Dune: Why we need bad movies more than ever

Citizen Kane. Forrest Gump. The Apartment. All About Eve. Ghostbusters. Let's face it, some movies are just perfect. Every scene is iconic, most lines are highly quotable, the acting pushes you to cry. They light you up, they make you think and feel better. Or worse. As one moment flows perfectly into the other, you are comfortably held in the embrace of good storytelling. So many great movies have helped shape who we are as individuals, who we are as a society. Great movies are one of the best experiences to share with those we love. I love a good movie.

But I love a bad movie more than anything in the world. And Dune (1984) is a doozy.

I love seeing the cracks. I love seeing the missed opportunities. I love the hyperbolic acting. I love the nonsensical plot points, the inappropriate humour, the lazy writing, the obvious gaffes. I love the attempt to make something great and falling flat on one's face. I love the gaul of trying something and missing the point completely.

I never liked bad movies as a younger woman, but as I got older I started appreciating the imperfections of life, and actually preferring when things didn't go as planned. I like seeing the mistakes. If you can see the imperfections, then you are one step closer to making things better. If you can see how easy it is for things to go wrong, you can start to make things go right. 2020, and the start of 2021 has been the worst movie ever. And I don't know about you, but I have seen our shared imperfections in a harsh, honest light. Oddly has made me feel like we actually have a shot at fixing stuff, because at least now they are all laid bare for all to see.

Bad movies are honest. They show that we are not perfectly lit, we almost never say the right thing, most of us never look cool, Gary in sound design really fucked up that day and as per my last email should be re-directed to sound editing. They are so real in their inept attempt to entertain that they cannot help but make me smile. They are us. We are so flawed and that's so beautiful. Have a laugh at yourself and try again tomorrow. You can be great after a stumble. Davis Lynch is still doing cool shit, right?

Yes, I am laughing at Dune, but honestly, I LOVE Dune. Stop what you are doing, watch it. Have a laugh. We get to try again tomorrow, enjoy the imperfection of today.

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Dune (1984)

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Kelly: David's Tea Blueberry Matcha

Marika: Mastiha Shop Mastic Black Tea

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Marika: Homemade Chai a good recipe here

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