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To explore strange new fandoms and seek out new teas!

Tea and fandoms have been narrowly intertwined obsessions for many years, with tea companies catering to fans of all creeds, and those same fans sitting down with their favourite comforting cuppa while watching, reading or listening to their latest geeky obsessions. Geek Steep, through sipping this beloved beverage, is a continued exploration of the fun that can be had when the two worlds of tea and fandom collide.

In 2018, Kelly and Marika first connected over their profound and mutual love of tea and all things geeky. Both have worked in the tea industry for many years and in many different facets, having easily tasted thousands of teas between the two of them. Through their own journeys, they have continuously shared this love of tea with friends, family, customers, and a collective of fellow online tea enthusiasts.

Over a cup of tea, they have spent countless hours dissecting the genius of Buffy, nitpicking the latest Marvel movie, and curiously analyzing each other’s divergent taste in comic books. They believe the universe of tea is its own fandom that contains countless flavours and types of tea that can transport you to limitless unexplored places and worlds with each and every steep.

Through Geek Steep; Marika & Kelly share their thoughts on whether Star Trek is best enjoyed over a gong fu session of finely aged sheng pu’erh, how a pitcher of cold brewed dancong can actually breathe life into the frosty far north of Westeros, and if a soothing cup of chamomile will enhance the ethereal quality of a Studio Ghibli movie.

Just like tea, they believe all forms of fandom are valid and worth exploring and they invite you to join them as they discuss their overlapping obsessions, share their favourite unexplored fandoms with one another, and get geeky with new topics together for the first time  - all while attempting to answer the question:

Is this fandom a good steep?

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